Mo Brooks: Wage Suppression is ‘#1 Priority of US Chamber of Commerce’


DALLAS, Texas — U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) says Republicans should have a simple position on illegal immigration: stand up for American workers.

“Republicans need to have the courage to stand up for the average American,” Brooks, a candidate for U.S. Senate, told Breitbart News at CPAC Dallas, “and quit catering to entities like the United States Chamber of Commerce who are hellbent on punishing Americans by suppressing their wages and taking jobs from them and handing them over to illegal aliens or lawful visa workers.”

“This is the Number 1 priority of the United States Chamber of Commerce: the suppression of wages, hurting American families and we need Republicans who are willing to stand up to that and do what’s in the best interest of America,” he said.

The Chamber, often derided as an organ of the Republican Party, raised eyebrows in the 2020 election when it endorsed 23 Democrats for reelection, The Hill reported.

In February, Chamber CEO Thomas Donohue praised President Joe Biden’s rollback of a number of President Donald Trump’s immigration policies:

We commend President Biden for taking action to ensure the reunification of separated families, address irregular migration across the Southern Border, and improve the functionality of our nation’s immigration system by conducting a top-to-bottom review of barriers to our legal immigration system. Policies adopted over the past several years have undermined critical employment-based visa programs and significantly hindered many different companies’ ability to expand their domestic operations and create jobs for Americans. President Biden’s order to coordinate immigration policy through the White House and his effort to ensure that legal immigration is fair and efficient are a clear indication of the priority his administration has placed on fixing our broken immigration system. We look forward to working with the Biden Administration to address these critical issues.

Brooks told Breitbart News new people need to be elected to the White House and Congress to fix the problems at the southern border.

“Our elected officials have made a lot of bad decisions and Americans have suffered as a consequence,” he said.

Brooks said roughly 2,000 Americans die each year at the hands of illegal aliens.

“If we had a secure southern border, that’s 2,000 Americans who would be alive each year,” but are not because of the porous border with Mexico. He said another 30,000 Americans die annually from drug overdoses.

“Where is the sympathy?” for them, he wondered.

“If you’re going to be an elected official for Americans, you would think that the lives of Americans would have some degree of priority,” Brooks said.

So far, it does not appear Brooks’s Democrat colleague would agree.

In June, U.S. Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-TX) stood at the southern border and likened it to the port of entry for Europeans a century ago.

“Welcome to El Paso. Welcome to my community, to the new Ellis Island, to the capital of the border,” Escobar told Vice President Kamala Harris during a brief visit.

Kyle Olson is a reporter for Breitbart News. He is also host of “The Kyle Olson Show,” syndicated on Michigan radio stations on Saturdays–download full podcast episodes. Follow him on Parler.


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