Miss Understood No. 33 — The Top 4 Worst: Male Edition

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In Episode No. 33 of Miss Understood, we piggyback off last week’s episode and rank who we think the worst four men in the media are right now.

Leonardo DiCaprio is the first person we accuse of being the worst for his eco-hypocrisy and inability to date women over 25. He’s an actor, a well-known climate activist and a cradle robber. He’s recently made a splash in the headlines for allegedly breaking up with his 25-year-old model girlfriend of four years due to her age and has been spotted mingling with Gigi Hadid, a rich kid, and famous model.

Second, and likely the worst, is Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau — no explanation necessary.

The third man accused of being the worst is singer and frontman for Maroon 5, Adam Levine. He is married with kids, with another on the way, and despite denying it, has been accused of cheating on his supermodel pregnant wife with an “Instagram model.” We hope it was worth it, Adam.

Finally, everyone’s favourite queer-baiting homewrecker, Harry Styles, makes the list due to allegedly breaking up his now-girlfriend Olivia Wilde’s family while filming a movie and for keeping his sexuality ambiguous for attention.

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