Miles Whistleblowing 11.26.2021 CCP Has Stolen All Customers’ Money from Crypto Exchange Binance

By billwilliam

Image source: GETTR & GTV

In his live broadcast on November 26, Mr. Miles Guo reveals that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has confiscated customers’ money on the cryptocurrency exchange Binance. Besides, Zhao Changpeng, CEO of Binance, has sold the private information of all customers (including Chinese, Westerners, Japanese, and Middle Easterners) to the CCP. Therefore, foreign customers may experience blackmailing due to the massive leak of personal information. The risk of the exchange’s bankruptcy also applies to foreign customers, because the CCP aims to steal all money on the exchange.

According to Mr. Guo, the CCP has confiscated 60% of Binance’s cash in Singapore and is pressuring the United Arab Emirates to seize the rest. The CCP threatens to break up the “all weather strategic alliance” with the Middle Eastern country if Dubai refuses the request. Anecdotes begin to surface that Binance is prohibiting customers from making withdrawals because of the cash crunch.

Besides the CCP, Zhao Changpeng himself also intends to steal customers’ assets. If Binance declares bankruptcy, Zhao will secretly convert customers’ money on the exchange platform into cryptos and hide them in his personal wallets. In the end, either the CCP assassinates Zhao and steals the customers’ money, or Zhao survives and keeps his stolen fortune. Either scenario is devastating to the investors who use the Binance platform. Mr. Miles Guo is planning to file lawsuits against Binance for fraud.

There is also the risk of US regulation. Binance is currently under US investigation for money laundering. Even though the exchange is located in Singapore, it is still within the long-arm jurisdiction of the United States for using the US dollar. Despite Binance’s multi-billion-dollar transaction volume, it can only store money in two places: 1) traditional banks and 2) cryptocurrency. The exchange cannot survive without the support of banking service. Just in the past month, more than twenty banks have severed services with Binance under US request. A few days ago, Zhao Changpeng attempted to acquire a bank in Switzerland, but Swiss authorities rejected the deal when Zhao failed to provide accurate locations of his company and employees.

Zhao Changpeng will be arrested for money laundering if he visits most Western countries like the United States or Japan. Two Emirati sovereign wealth funds ADIA (Abu Dhabi Investment Authority) and Mubadala are discussing investments with Zhao, so he is now hiding in Dubai.

Those who have accounts on Binance should try their best to withdraw money, because 60% of the money is already stolen by the CCP. Get off the sinking ship.


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