Miles Guo’s 24th May 2022 Broadcast Highlights Summary

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In the past, whenever the United States expressed consideration to letting Japan join United Nations, China Communist Party (CCP) would fiercely object to the idea, citing the atrocities Japan had done in WW2 as a reason for disapproval. CCP clearly stated China’s relationship with any country that allowed Japan into U.N. would be significantly jeopardized. Therefore, Japan never had any international influence or decision-making power since the end of the last world war. In addition, Japan is only allowed to have a self-defence force, not a full-fledged military. All of these are about to change for Japan after the recent summit in Tokyo, where Biden met with the leaders of Japan, Australia, and India to discuss Indo-Pacific issues. The United States is setting up a new alliance in Asia with Japan, South Korea, Australia and perhaps India, which will keep an eye on the peace and stability in Asia and counteract the threat from China. This new alliance is Asia’s equivalent of NATO in Europe.

With the forming of the new alliance, all of Japan’s military restrictions will be lifted, which is something CCP dreads to happen. United States will continue to be the global power overseeing the world together with NATO and the new Asia alliance on her side. On the other hand, United Nations will either be disbanded or undergo a radical change. The Ukraine war has highlighted many U.N. shortcomings, including Russia and China’s ability to veto important decisions.

Truth be told, the United States has never felt intimidated by North Korea’s threats to use nuclear weapons. In the eyes of the United States, North Korea is akin to a three-year-old child next to a grown adult. Not a single moment in Kim Jong-un or his father’s lifetime did North Korea wish to have a war with the United States. However, Kim is heavily controlled by Russia and China and has to act as their barking mouthpiece from time to time. At the very most, the United States is concerned about the possibility of North Korea’s missiles landing on South Korea or Japan. Biden’s visit to Asia to form an Asia alliance is tantamount to warning Kim that if North Korea ever laid a finger on Japan or South Korea, his tyrannical family would be annihilated along with his puny country. Kim Jong-un’s biggest backing in Russia had demonstrated to the world how overrated the Russian military was during the Ukraine war. The satellites are now monitoring every North Korea’s movement, and a group of unmanned combat aerial vehicles (Northrop Grumman X-47B) and a flight of F-22 and F-35 are ready to strike North Korea at a moment’s notice. The United States has also stationed its submarines along the East China Sea and North Korea. Without any strand of concealment, the United States is openly revealing its strategy to attack North Korea in case of a physical war.

The formation of the Asia alliance has allowed the United States to give Japan the right to wage war under a list of written circumstances. If Japan decides to defend Taiwan and a treaty is formed, China’s invasion of Taiwan will be seen as an open declaration of war against Japan and its allies.

Biden stated on Monday that the U.S. would militarily defend Taiwan, without any ifs or buts, in the event of a China invasion. United States’ willingness to protect Taiwan has indirectly told Japan and South Korea how important the two countries are to the United States as allies.

Biden’s stance on Taiwan and Asia alliance and Russia’s poor performance in the Ukraine war have made CCP have second thoughts about a head-on Taiwan invasion. The latest intel shows CCP is planning to leave Taiwan alone for the time being while trying to negotiate and make deals with the United States. Therefore, the probability of CCP waging a physical war is greatly reduced. However, CCP will continue its Taiwan subversion tactics of disrupting communication systems, electrical and water supply and sabotaging the economy, which is only possible with the help of Taiwanese traitors. After having engaged in sabotage works and brought much chaos to the lives of the Taiwanese, these traitors, who far outnumber the Ukrainian traitors, will then unanimously declare a desire to reunite with China. The dire situation is also not helped by the existence of pro-CCP TV channels spreading lies and propaganda in Taiwan.

The loss of lives and damages done to the global economy in any physical war is inconsequential compared to the damage done by Covid vaccines. Already we see large spikes in cancers among young people. Countries with the highest vaccination rate, such as Israel, Singapore, and Taiwan, will experience the biggest vaccine catastrophe. The Kuomintang party, which houses the most Taiwanese traitors, is also largely responsible for pushing the vaccination program in Taiwan.

The Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) initiated by the Biden administration is similar to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP) initiated by President Obama, which was cancelled subsequently by President Trump. IPEF’s goal is to form an Asia trading and business hub without China’s involvement. IPEF serves to limit China’s clout in the region’s trade.

In his broadcast, Miles mentioned that both Ukraine and Russia have no wish to continue the war and are finding an appropriate way to allow both parties to end the conflict.

There is never a better time than now to overthrow the CCP. The world has recognised CCP as a threat after the release of the Covid virus. CCP, together with the World Economic Forum, sought to kill off most of the world’s population through vaccination. United States citizens witnessed how CCP could manipulate their presidential election and incite Black Lives Matter protests. After siding with Russia, CCP became the enemy of Europe. The plundering of natural resources and entrapping African nations into debts has brought enmity towards the CCP. Japanese and Taiwanese have always felt uneasiness towards CCP ever since WW2 ended. Human rights violations in Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Tibet, and the current lockdowns in China show how improper it is to allow CCP world domination. The deliberate crashing of cryptocurrencies and the inevitability of investment money in China turning into bad debts demonstrated the irresponsibility and failure of the CCP to follow international laws and rules. Today’s China no longer has the financial muscle of yesteryears to bribe the world, and there are little to no benefits left to colluding with CCP.

Source: Miles Guo’s 24th May 2022 Broadcast

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