Michigan County Clerk Sounds the ALARM on Numbers NOT Adding Up

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Voting software used in Michigan has malfunctioned, turning a traditionally red county blue. Voters were shocked to learn the machine reported totals that are not matching up with the printed tabulator tapes. Is this a glitch or blatant voter fraud?

Michigan voter fraud

The mainstream media has declared Sleepy Joe Biden the next president of the United States. But it’s not over yet. President Trump is challenging the election results in several key battleground states.

One of which is Michigan, where one update showed a surge of 130,000 votes going to Joe Biden. The odd part of this early morning ballot dump is all 130,000 votes went to Joe Biden, with not a single one going to President Trump or any third party candidate.

Michigan voter machine fraud trump biden

Now another issue has emerged in Antrim County, Michigan. The voter machines appear to be showing false results. The votes recorded digitally do not match up with the paper print out. An investigation has traced this error to the software used by the machines.

Apparently the software was uploaded in October, just weeks before the election. Could this be an honest mistake? Or something more sinister? The American people want answers.

Trump demands recount

After discovering the errors, Antrim County Michigan updated its revised numbers. The error gave extra votes to Democratic candidates in the heavily Republican county. Well isn’t that a coincidence!

After counting the votes using the printed tabulated tapes for all 16 precincts it now shows Antrim County will remain red, just like it was in 2016. President Trump beat Joe Biden by about 2,500 votes.

Now a new controversy is swirling around the Dominion Voting Systems software used in many states across the country. If this glitch was found in one Michigan county, there is concern it took place in other states as well.

The nefarious activities don’t end there. One poll observer in Detroit Michigan is telling reporters about a suspicious van with out-of-state plates dropping off 61 boxes of ballots at 4 a.m. Investigators are also reporting that hundreds of deceased people have voted using absentee ballots.

We are witnessing a deep state coup. The Democrats have been desperate to get rid of Trump ever since he announced he was running for president. Will they succeed with their latest attempt? This will get interesting.


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