Matt Walsh Wants To Beat The Left At Their Own Game

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss his new book “Johnny the Walrus” and why it’s important to push back on the left’s attempts to brainwash children with radical gender theory.

“There may have been a point in our culture where we could have combated some of this stuff in a gentle kind of way but if that ever would have worked, we’re way past that now. And sometimes in order to get above the din and all the noise and everything and all the competing noise, you have to shout a little bit and be firm,” Walsh said.

Walsh said the left has started “a war on reality” that warrants a response.

“I don’t think that’s hyperbolic. I think that’s actually what is happening. I think that ultimately the goal is to, whatever you want to call it, I say the left but the church of woke, whatever phrase you want to use, for the people who represent this idea — what is happening is unmistakable that they’re trying to break down reality itself to build their own sort of alternate universe,” Walsh said.


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