Massive Sierra fire traps hundreds at Mammoth Pool (raw)…

Massive Sierra fire traps people at Mammoth Pool

Military Choppers Rescue Dozens Stranded by Raging California Wildfire

Military helicopters rescued dozens of people—some of them burned—who were trapped by a northern California wildfire that devoured 36,000 acres in one day. More than 300 people were stranded Saturday around the Mammoth Pool Reservoir in the Sierra National Forest, where the Creek Fire continued to rage out of control.

“We’re in the truck. The air is so black, we can’t open our eyes without it burning,” Allyson Chance, 14, and her sister, Lily, 16, texted their stepmother as they waited to be rescued, local TV station KMPH reported. Campers were told to shelter in place and wait for help—and to jump in the reservoir if the flames got too close.


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