Marianne Williamson: DNC ‘Like Binge Watching a Marriott Commercial’

Former Democrat presidential candidate Marianne Williamson compared the Democrat National Convention (DNC) to “binge watching a Marriott commercial” and blasted its lack of policy prescriptions to issues facing the United States.

Williamson, who has criticized the Democrat political establishment’s lies and cruelty, posted commentary during the DNC, noting that none of the speakers “except for Bernie” had policy solutions to the problems they pointed out.

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“Beautiful pictures of POC and reference to BLM, but no actual policy on how to end systemic racism,” Williamson said. “Touching homage to Covid victims and responders, but no actual policy on providing universal healthcare. No policy, period. Except for Bernie.”

At one point, Williamson compared the DNC to a commercial for Marriott:

Less than 30 minutes into the first evening of DNC speeches, Williamson posted that she “wanted to like it” but could not:

Williamson made a name for herself in the Democrat presidential primary after she won non-scientific online polls following early primary debates in which she discussed topics like food policy, a Green New Deal, and international peace treaties.

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