Majority of Americans believe gender is determined by biological sex: Pew Research

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The unpopularity of transgender ideology continues to grow even as it permeates through every facet of American society. As the Current Thing becomes the cause célèbre of the media, academic institutions, and even the government, more and more people exposed to the ideology are rejecting its tenets.

A new survey conducted by Pew Research found that 60% of Americans believe that gender is determined by biological sex, in contrast to a mere 38% who say that gender and sex are separate.

According to proponents of transgender ideology, gender is not determined by what they refer to as “sex assigned at birth,” and that ones gender is instead a complex reflection of social identity, cultural expression, and personal truth.

The poll, which was conducted between May 16 and 22, and comprised of over 10,000 participants, found that 60% thought biological sex determines gender. The number of those holding this view is up 4% from 2021, and up 6% from 2017, when American voters were asked the same question.

Indeed, “the electorate has shifted 12 points in the position that gender is determined by biology,” American Principles reported on Twitter. 

“In addition, the poll found that 58% of adults believe that it should be a requirement that ‘trans athletes compete on teams that match the sex they were assigned at birth,’ the poll found.

Pew Research reports:

Roughly eight-in-ten U.S. adults say there is at least some discrimination against transgender people in our society, and a majority favor laws that would protect transgender individuals from discrimination in jobs, housing and public spaces. At the same time, 60% say a person’s gender is determined by their sex assigned at birth, up from 56% in 2021 and 54% in 2017. 

The public is divided over the extent to which our society has accepted people who are transgender: 38% say society has gone too far in accepting them, while a roughly equal share (36%) say society hasn’t gone far enough. About one-in-four say things have been about right. Underscoring the public’s ambivalence around these issues, even among those who see at least some discrimination against trans people, a majority (54%) say society has either gone too far or been about right in terms of acceptance. 

The fundamental belief about whether gender can differ from sex assigned at birth is closely aligned with opinions on transgender issues. Americans who say a person’s gender can be different from their sex at birth are more likely than others to see discrimination against trans people and a lack of societal acceptance. They’re also more likely to say that our society hasn’t gone far enough in accepting people who are transgender. But even among those who say a person’s gender is determined by their sex at birth, there is a diversity of viewpoints. Half of this group say they would favor laws that protect trans people from discrimination in certain realms of life. And about one-in-four say forms and online profiles should include options other than “male” or “female” for people who don’t identify as either.   

Curiously, a plurality of Americans believes that society has gone too far in accepting people who are transgender, making up the largest minority in the poll. 36% of respondents say that society has not gone far enough in accepting transgenderism, followed by 23% who say the level of acceptance is right.

A previous poll conducted by Harvard-Harris last month found that close to two-thirds of Americans reject the idea that children should be free to choose their own gender pronouns, Summit News reported.

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