Mad Maxine Openly Calls for Destruction and Lawlessness, Then Lauren Boebert Steps in and Wipes the Floor With Her

maxine waters incite riot

The House Ethics Committee must launch a preliminary investigation into House Financial Services Committee Chairwoman Maxine Waters after a House GOP lawmaker filed a complaint with the panel.

BLM goon Maxine Waters wont shut her big mouth

Rep. Lauren Boebert, a Colorado Republican and a freshman, on Tuesday released a copy of her complaint against Waters that charged her with violating House ethics rules following comments the California Democrat made to protesters in the streets of Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, near Minneapolis.

“I write to request that the House Committee on Ethics open an investigation into Representative Maxine Waters for her incitement of the violent riots in Brooklyn Center, her unethical use of her office to unconstitutionally pressure an independent judiciary, and her pattern of similar behavior that is unbecoming of a Member of Congress and discredits the House of Representatives,” Boebert wrote to the bipartisan panel of 10 House lawmakers.

The panel will have to review Boebert’s complaint, but it may not result in an investigation. The panel, split evenly between the two parties, has 14 days, or five legislative days, “to determine whether the information meets the requirements of the Committee’s rules for what constitutes a complaint.”

Republicans seek to punish Democrats seeking to incite violence

Only House lawmakers can file complaints with the House Ethics Committee. The outside Office of Congressional Ethics can also forward complaints to the ethics panel and accept complaints about lawmakers from anyone and conduct its own preliminary investigation.

Boebert and other Republicans have said Waters’s behavior was unethical, not only because it appeared to incite violence but because it could interfere with the verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a California Republican, brought up a motion to censure Waters over her comments, but the Democratic majority has defended the longtime lawmaker and was poised to defeat it.

Chauvin, a former police officer who is white, is charged with killing George Floyd, a black man who died in Chauvin’s custody after Chauvin placed a knee on Floyd’s neck for nine minutes.

Waters told protesters she wants a guilty verdict and that if one is not delivered, protesters must “stay in the streets” and “get more confrontational.”


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