Mac Davis passes away…

A highly underrated singer / songwriter for sure. Glad to see that you appreciate his music Kane. People really need to check him out. He was a country boy who dabbled in rock ‘n roll and he sang honestly. He was always one of my favorite guys who never quite broke through to the top. There was just so much great music coming out at that time, not everyone was able to get the airplay they deserved, and Mac was definitely in that group.

He had a great hit with ‘Burning Thing’. Also great songs include the melancholy and beautiful ‘Forever Lovers’, ‘Rock ‘N Roll (I Gave You The Best Years Of My Life)’ and ‘Whoever Finds This, I Love You’.

It’s sad that it sometimes takes a person dying for their music to be discovered by many new fans, but now that you know about him get to listening because a lot of fine songs await you.

Forever Lovers:

[embedded content]


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