Louisiana Democrat Governor Requires Masks and Social Distancing During Hurricane Rescue and Relief Efforts…

Comrades, if you survive hurricane Laura, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards wants to remind you that any rescue, relief and recovery efforts will require your agreement to continue participation in the phase-2 COVID rules and regulations.

If you need to be rescued by the Coast Guard remember to stay 6 feet away from any rescue personnel and if you cannot hear the instructions because of the mandatory mask, well, tough.   Masks are apparently required when entering any boat or rescue operation.

NEW ORLEANS — Louisiana will remain in Phase 2 of the coronavirus recovery for at least two more weeks. Gov. John Bel Edwards announce the extension of his Phase 2 order on Wednesday during a news conference on Hurricane Laura. (more)

The lack of common sense amid these public officials is jaw-dropping.  People in East Texas and West Louisiana have enough to think about without the ridiculous rona rules.


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