Long-term care staffer reveals ATROCIOUS conditions at start of COVID outbreak

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For years now, our health-care system has survived despite enormous shortcomings, which only get bigger year and year. With the pandemic, many health-care workers have taken overtime to fill staffing gaps.

Things happened between the walls of our country’s health-care facilities over the course of this pandemic, and I leaned into getting to know the other side of the story. Since many of them risk not only dismissal, but also retaliation for speaking out, the testimonies collected from health-care workers have been altered to keep their identities confidential.

This was a very emotional interview, and I could feel the distress these workers experience on a daily basis.

They must execute orders without even thinking about the consequences of their actions. Now, they have to live with these images in their head. For those who today refuse to be vaccinated, they have seen their image transform from angels to demons in a matter of months.

Here is one such story from this pandemic. Keep in mind that more testimonies are to come.

If you work in government, law enforcement, health care, pharmaceuticals or any other profession that has been involved in the pandemic in some way and want to bring truth to the public, you can confidentially reach out to us at PandemicWhistleblower.com.

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