***Live Updates**** Republican National Convention Night One

The Republican National Convention kicks off on Monday. Featured Speakers will include: Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York; House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA); Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC); Reps. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Jim Jordan (R-OH); RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel; George State Rep. Vernon Jones; Kim Klacik; Mark and Patricia McCloskey; Andrew Pollack; Donald Trump Jr.

Tonight’s theme is “Land of Promise.”

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates.

All times Eastern.

8:53 PM: Ronna McDaniel thanks everyone for tuning in–she sends her thoughts and prayers to those facing wildfires in California, dealing with the aftermath of the derecho in Iowa, and those preparing for hurricanes along the Gulf Coast.

McDaniel says she is a real housewife while calling Eva Longoria an actress who played a housewife on television. She says Trump didn’t choose her because she is a woman, unlike Biden, but because she was the best person for her job.

McDaniel says Trump is tough when he takes on China, tries to fix unfair trade deals, or fix our borders. She says nice guys like Joe care more about countries like China and Iran than the United States of America while Trump is “tough” when he fights for America.

8:50 PM: Kim Klacik, a Maryland House candidate, says Democrats have controlled Baltimore for 50 years and have run it to the ground. She says sadly the same thing is true in many cities run by Democrats. She says the days of blindly supporting Democrats are coming to an end. She says Biden believes they can’t think for themselves, and she wants Baltimore to be an example to Republicans around the country–that they can compete in inner cities if they reach out to citizens.

8:48 PM: Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) says “appeasement is never a winning strategy.” He says Trump, like all builders, is a visionary. He says America is the greatest country that has ever existed and don’t let any celebrity or athlete to tell you otherwise. Gaetz says there is no refugee for freedom if we fail.

Fox News also did not air.

8:45 PM: Tanya Weinreis, a Montana businesswoman whose businesses were threatened by the Coronavirus impact, talks about her faith in Jesus and faith in America. She says her prayers for help were answered when her companies received a PPP loan that allowed her to keep every single one of her employees. She says she feels for the local businesses that are under assault from shut downs, riots, and a Biden administration coming for everything they build.

8:40 PM: Rebecca Friedrichs, a California public school teacher of 28 years who challenged paying mandatory union dues, notes that unions who collect millions from unsuspecting teachers and then back policies like defunding the police. She says unions are subverting the republic while spending millions to defeat charter schools and school choice to trap low-income children in terrible schools. She says then-California Attorney General Kamala Harris defended the unions against her. She says Trump is breaking the unions’ grip on schools, and that’s why the unions are trying to destroy him. She says Democrats stand with deceptive unions that pick on teachers and kids.

8:36 PM: After a WWII veteran recites the pledge of allegiance, Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk says Trump is the “bodyguard of western civilization.”

8:35 PM: Cardinal Dolan, with the Statue of Liberty in the background, starts the RNC with a prayer. He mentions unborn babies along with immigrants and refugees in his prayer.

8:30 PM: RNC opens by prominently featuring the Statue of Liberty. Introduction video frames Trump as a Washington outsider. Optimistic outlook for the next four years.

8:00 PM: Expect some surprise speakers tonight.

What took Biden so long to get tested?

Biden campaign talking points before the convention has even started:

After largely giving Democrats a pass, the establishment media are ready for Trump:

Trump said he has the strongest base of supporters in history who will propel him to victory in November.


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