***Live Updates*** Election 2020 Results

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates throughout evening as voters decide whether to give President Donald Trump a second term.

All times Eastern.

6:30 PM: Trump:

6:10 PM:

6:00 PM: First polls are now closed in parts of Kentucky and Indiana.

5:55 PM:

5:53 PM: James Carville optimistic on MSNBC:

5:50 PM: Michigan:

5:45 PM: Biden campaign reportedly claiming “strong” internal poll numbers.

5:30 PM: Thousands expected to gather tonight:

5:25 PM: CNN exit poll: Qualities voters looked for in candidate:

  1. Strong leader 32%
  2. Good judgment 24%
  3. Cares about people like me 21%
  4. Ability to unite country 19%

5:20 PM: CNN’s exit poll: Just four percent made up their minds in the last week compared to 93 percent who did so before.

5:15 PM: Some early exit polls:

5:10 PM: CNN’s Jeff Zeleny says there is some “pessimism” coming from Biden’s campaign about the uphill climb the former vice president is facing in Florida.

5:05 PM: Conservatives active on social media networks:

5:00 PM: Lots of anger out there:



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