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Morning all…..🙂

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Morning Brother.
Have a ‘carne asada burrito’ for me.

I saw your list of the illuminati families. As I understand it, the Payseurs are/were the top of the pyramid. I wonder if that was what POTUS was refering to when he stated “the tippy top”?

As I understand it, the Payseurs had the most wealth accumulation
@ $34……QUADRILLION $. This was seized and now in the hands of the Patriots.

The COVID lockdown in Italy was used as cover and control when the underground base was taken out in Venice. The 13 families are in custody or maybe dead. The head of the snake has been removed.

The QFS is in place, operational and online.

Some dark days ahead as far as civil unrest, looting, rioting etc.
Word is when Trump tweets “The Storm is Upon Us”……’s ‘ON’
3-10 days of darkness….as in NO: tv; internet; radio; phone; texting
POTUS will use the Emergency Phone Text system he tested in 2017.

Patriots are in control……..let the play…….play out.
Trump wins, we win, GOD wins.

As always we VOTE and stay prepared and vigilant.

We thank our father YAHAVEH for all gifts and especially the gift of


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