Lin Wood explains ‘Martial Law’ plan…


Proven 68% error rate..??!! Martial law, seize the machines. Do it now. Expose the truth. The truth will set us all free!! Thing is, this is probably not just Trump, but a lot of elected officials that were “fixed.”

No one should fear the truth, unless you have something to hide.

Let us see if the majority of americans hate the church, our forefathers, and our neighbors.

Martial law exsists for this very reason. It just means the cronies do not have the machines, and they are prosecuted under martial law, law that does fully prosecute for money laundering, espionage, etc. I think they fear that element more than who actually one the election. Can not buy yourself out of that trial. They all need to go to jail or worse.

The lie that we had free and fair elections is now exposed. Lets fix that now and forever. This will allow for great people and great change for our country and our future.


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