‘Like token blacks’ — Diamond and Silk offered $150,000 to ditch Trump…

They are not that influencial. Imagine how much Goodyear got to NOT fly MAGA, but rather
put blm on their blimps. Isn’t it amazing what money can buy or is money no object to those
that print, mint, duplicate, distribute, and manage the worlds’ money? I’m going with the latter.
Money doesn’t matter to those who print it. Control does. They are getting rid of money and
going with virtual money (credits). Your money is controlled by electricity if it all goes digital.
EMP blasts. Lightining strike. Hard drive fail. Want to trust you money to that? Your ability to
buy food? Boycott iphones and crypto currency. Now they are pushing up the value of gold. Can
you eat gold? Didn’t think so.

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