LEGAL UPDATE: Fighting against youth sports vaxx mandates


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A couple of weeks ago, I covered the egregious vaccination policy being imposed on youth sports leagues, specifically the Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL) and their “Game Plan 2.0” return-to-play framework. Interviewee Joe Anidjar was building grassroots movement with concerned parents who are ready to develop their own leagues if this policy continues, which goes above and beyond the provincial mandate.

In this update video, I’m going to tell you just what Rebel News is doing about it. Thanks to your donations at we were able to act quickly on behalf of these not-at-all at-risk children and their concerned parents, and fire off legal threat letters to the Ontario Hockey Federation, who is the governing body for amateur hockey in Ontario. We don’t have time to waste. This mandate is coming into effect now and some of the youth affected are in their draft year — we can’t wait months for court filings.

You can read the full letter for yourself below:

While we don’t have a formal response from this threat letter, I have received word that at least two leagues have back-pedalled on their vaccine mandate. The Northern Ontario Hockey Association put out an announcement on September 19th, a mere four days after our letter was sent, which made an amendment to their vaccine policy. They will instead recommend that participants between the ages of 12 to 17 receive a complete series of mRNA COVID-19 vaccinations, but they will still be requiring all participants 18 and older to be completely vaccinated by October 31st, 2021.

On September 17th, 2021, just two days after our letter was sent, the Ontario Womens Hockey League (the OWHL) also revised their vaccine policy

Their revision notes that there is a “limited youth sport exemption” which includes those under the age of 18, and documentation is not required for workers or volunteers including coaches and officials. However they also note that proof of vaccination and accompanying identification varies depending on the public health unit, region, municipality, specific facility, etc. because they have the authority to be more restrictive.

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