LAWSUIT: WestJet employee working from home terminated over vax status

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Through, we have been able to launch significant legal challenges to vaccine passports and mandates implemented by employers across Canada. Prominently featured among these legal actions are transportation and travel industries, including railways and airlines, who are subject to significant federal regulation and are therefore more directly influenced by health officials’ efforts to enforce mandatory vaccination virtually without exception.

Airline travel has been one of the more hotly contested issues since the onset of COVID-19. From international travel bans to domestic flight restrictions for the unvaccinated, there hasn’t been much good news. Sadly, employees have also faced adversity, with many unwilling to disclose their vaccination status at risk of losing their jobs — or, in some cases, have already been terminated.

We’ve had success in our legal efforts to ensure unions are engaging on behalf of their unvaccinated employees on an Air Canada case, but we are far from done in our fight for the rights of airline employees.

We have taken on a new client who has lost their job at WestJet as result of their vaccine status. I joined lawyer Sarah Miller to learn more about the legal side of this vaccine passport fight.

In a very similar circumstance to our existing Air Canada case, this client has worked from home for years and has virtually no in-person interaction with anyone. Despite this, and the client’s willingness to participate in alternative COVID-19 measures in order to continue working, WestJet seemed entirely unwilling to provide any reasonable accommodations and has terminated the client’s employment.

Worse still, WestJet has failed to offer any compensation for the sudden termination. Employers are of course entitled to terminate employees whenever they please and without cause, but not without some form of severance. Fortunately, our client will have top-notch lawyers advocating on their behalf as they navigate through these challenging times.

The clients we take on are incredibly grateful that folks like yourself care enough about them to chip in and give them a fighting chance. Without your financial supports at, many of these individuals simply wouldn’t be able to take a stand. When you make a donation the funds go directly to The Democracy Fund, which is a registered Canadian charity, so you will receive a tax receipt for your donation. The collected funds are then used to hire lawyers in the fight for medical freedom.

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