Laura Ingraham exclusive with two Wayne County canvassers who switched their votes on certification…

The DemocRat Party has turned the most important, most symbolic election in the world’s leading democracy into an abject dumpster fire.

In this instance, right across the largest (dRat-controlled) county in Michigan:

– voting totals do not match the numbers of voters (!) in what we can assume to be many, many cases involving goodness knows how many thousands of votes;
– many dRat officials could not give a schiff about this;
– the Repub officials only know about it because they quickly scribbled down the detail after an oral briefing, having not been given the usual full written (over and under) report;
– many dRats, including representatives and officials, have threatened and slandered the Republican officials and their families;
– dRat media not only pretend all of the above is not happening, but are joining in the uproar and harassment against the Republicans.

This is the Republican legacy: always to do the right thing, to defend democracy and the Republic, to defend the Union and the country against internal and external enemies.

Proud to be a Republican. Proud of these inspirational Michigan officials.


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