Kyle Becker discusses Dominion on OAN News…

Very excellent point. The deep state signaled this election result back when Trump was still President Elect (for real). Schumer went on the rachl madow show and warned that the intel community has “six ways from Sunday” to get back at Trump. The deep state had four long, leisurely, years to plan the operation. It probably is wide, wide spread.

And regarding the vote machine and software fraud, explained so well by Dr Shiva’s youtube video, most likely the operatives immediately shredded papers and destroyed their equipment, computers, hard drives, thumb drives, etc. Just read an article in which a hacker seasoned in stealing elections in South America describes his post election routine of destroying all the evidence. “How to Hack an Election: Andrés Sepúlveda rigged elections throughout Latin America for almost a decade. He tells his story for the first time.” By Jordan Robertson, Michael Riley, and Andrew Willis | March 31, 2016. Photographs by Juan Arredondo. From Bloomberg Businessweek.

Mark Twain’s famous wry comment on voting, “If voting made any difference, they wouldn‘t let you do it,” is illustrated by that article.


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