Kim Iversen: The Great Reset, Global Elites Claim “You Will Own Nothing and Be Happy”

Kim Iversen: The Great Reset, Global Elites Claim “You Will Own Nothing and Be Happy”

By The Hill

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I think that destroying all these monopolies and disposing of every politician would be the “greatest reset” of all!

Adam Smith
Iversen is right, it isn’t about implementing global socialism or global communism. It’s about implementing global feudalism

Shannon LaSalle
Why our schools, colleges and media don’t talk about it is the reason people don’t know about it, it’s that simple we are getting news from podcast and alternative sources.

Ronald Harrison
Full accountability of all our politicians is vital. WE need to stop this nonsense! None of them were voted in office to decide what is best for us and our health, but to do our bidding and leave health care to the medical establishment.

About time people had the balls to talk about what the 1% have in store for us.

Pinnacle Roofing
“You will own nothing and you will be happy” What they don’t tell you is they will own everything and they will be even happier.

Ms S
As someone who was born and lived for the first ten years of her life in a communist county I can assure you that when you own nothing, you are not happy. Kudos to Kim for bringing the topic of Great Resent, the narration is crumbling down as people are becoming more aware.

Ricardo Juliet
“The most basic question is not what is best, but who decides what is best.” – Thomas Sowell

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