Kat Timpf is off the market…

WHO CARES….? Don’t know who she is. SHE LOOKS LIKE A LIBTARD…And anyway…., what are we high school girls fawning over who got married or who clipped their toe nails. I am sorry fellow conversatives but I am over all the NONSENSE….I’ve lost over $35k now, and do not recognize what planet I’m living in. THESE ECONOMIC LOCKDOWNS NEED TO STOP, the pedophiles need to be exposed and slaughtered, THE COMMUNIST TRAITORS NEED DEALING WITH, the mail ballots need to all be discarded and not allowed, NBA, NFL, MLB, NEED TO BE BOYCOTTED, the slimey msm needs to held accountable for ALL of their lies and bullsh-t, 70% of the demonrats need to be recalled and exposed, MOST MASKERS NEED TO SNAP OUT OF IT….If Hydroxyquoriquine is real…, then TRUMP HAS TWO WEEKS TO DO SOMETHING…Or we will know that we are on our own with God and the 2nd Amendment….GET READY….I THINK IT’S GONNA GET ALOT WORSE BEFORE it gets even worse or better….

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