Karl Stefanovic Flags ‘Heart Issues’ as Australians Offered 5th Covid Jab

Australia’s peak immunisation body has made a fifth COVID-19 injection available nationally but TV host Karl Stefanovic doesn’t want a bar of it, expressing concern that “fit and healthy people [are] just dropping down with heart issues”.

In an interview with Australia’s former deputy chief medial officer Nick Coatsworth, Stefanovic confessed, “As you know, I’m not a glowing ambassador for more than two shots.” The Today host said he has had Covid a couple of times and is now “done with the vaccine”.

The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) updated its advice on Wednesday to make all Australian adults ‘eligible’ for a fifth dose of the controversial product.

‘Fit and Healthy People Just Dropping Down’

“The other thing that I am concerned about is that if I have another dose, that I may get complications,” Stefanovic told Coatsworth during their conversation. He continued:

I have seen all those reports on the internet about fit and healthy people just dropping down with heart issues and it’s still not obviously established yet whether or not the vaccine causes some of the heart issues. So that’s a worry for me, more so than getting Covid.

In response, Coatsworth defended the injections as being relatively safe. “I don’t think there’s hundreds and thousands of sudden cardiac deaths that are being swept under the carpet,” he said, adding, “I think the TGA is doing a good job.”

The TGA has received almost 1,000 reports of Australians dying as a result of the mandated medical product. To date, they only concede that 14 were killed by Covid injections.

Visibility for Vaccine-Injured Australians

Coatsworth warned that at best, repeated injections offered only “transient protection” lasting about 8 to 12 weeks. “That’s the problem with these boosters, and of course eventually we’re going to have to stop with these recommendations for ongoing boosters,” he explained.

The top medical commentator also castigated the Department of Health and other medical bodies for continuing to stoke fear about COVID-19 in the Australian community. “That’s such a problem,” Coatsworth said, arguing that everyday Australians “don’t need to be worried” about the virus.

This week’s announcement from ATAGI coincides with a speech in the House of Representatives by Russell Broadbent MP of Victoria about vaccine-injured Australians.

Former President of the Australian Medical Association Dr Kerryn Phelps praised Broadbent for his speech, tweeting, “Thank you Russell Broadbent for your compassion in speaking with people who have suffered COVID-19 vaccine injury and bringing that message to the Australian Parliament.”

Late last year, Phelps revealed that she had suffered a ‘devastating’ injury after receiving the injection.

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