Kamala introduced as the next President of the United States…

and that woman has 0 issues with making that statement, the entire “BIDEN ” team has 0 issues with that statement because they know its true. The sad part is, the crack head child molestor, horrible self absorbed toxic piece of garbage Jill and senile Joe just want the title, prestige and money that comes with it. There is ZERO regard for the country or its people. If the US burned to the ground, the bidens could care less. They have theirs and its ALL they care about. Kamaltoe is so wooooeeeefully unqualified (black/brown skin and vagina is not a qualification) and IGNORANT its beyond words. She’s the worst kind of prostitute and COMPLETLY out of her depth. I cant see how any general, admiral, business leader, intel community staff would have ANY respect for her. Any foreign gov/agency would have 0 respect for her. They would view her election to prez as the final demise of the US and final sign that America is filled with weak limp illiterates. We would be done internationally. I still see that pic of obama meeting putin. obama, a petulant ignorant child foisted onto serious, intelligent, wise people by affirmative action. An iq of a chipmunk standing next to a life long, brilliant, hyper informed, stone cold killer Putin. That photo made me feel nothing but shame and pity for America. Xi, Putin, soros – the US side, nancy, cameltoe, biden. I think I will go throw up now.


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