Kamala Harris at DNC: ‘I Know a Predator When I See One’

Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) proclaimed at the 2020 Democrat National Convention on Wednesday, “I know a predator when I see one.”

“I have fought for children and survivors of sexual assault, I fought against transnational criminal organisations,” said Harris. “I took on the biggest banks and helped take down one of the biggest for-profit colleges.”

“I know a predator when I see one,” added the senator from California.

Speaking of accusations of predatory behavior — last year, Harris said that she believed the women who accused Democrat nominee Joe Biden of touching them inappropriately and making them feel uncomfortable.

Now, the senator from California has announced that she will be accepting the nomination for Vice President of the United States alongside Joe Biden in the upcoming November election.

While delivering her remarks Wednesday evening, Harris also weaved the Chinese coronavirus pandemic together with racial issues, claiming that the Wuhan virus is “not an equal opportunity offender.”

“Black, Latino, and Indigenous people are suffering and dying disproportionately,” she said. “This is not a coincidence. It is the effect of structural racism.”

“Let’s be clear, there is no vaccine for racism,” added Harris. “We’ve got to do the work — for George Floyd, for Breonna Taylor, for the lives of too many others to name.”

Harris kicked off the third night of the DNC by issuing a divisive message pitting Democrats against Republicans despite their supposed platform of “unity.”

The Democrat nominee for vice president also encouraged progressives to ask themselves, “Why don’t they want us to vote?” and characterized the GOP as trying to stop Americans from casting their ballots in November — further disseminating a false Democrat narrative fueled, most recently, by a U.S. Postal Service “mailbox conspiracy theory.”

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