Kaitlin Bennett — Black College Student Stands Against The Liberal Mob…

Gorgeous, smart and brave. Kaitlin is a conservative dream girl.

It’s too bad women like her are becoming more and more rare these days. If more women strongly supported their conservative men this country would be in great shape. There would be less divorces, more 2-parent families, less crime and happier homes.

But no, the lure of the ‘shiny object’ media hypnotizes women and draws them into a scandalous environment where they become unbearable to live with. They indulge in the partying environment in their younger years and squander their future prospects. Finally they end up as angry old feminists, unloved and bitter towards men.

The thing I will always despise the most about liberals is how they have so effectively brainwashed the majority of women into supporting their destructive causes.


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