Joy Reid and Steve Kornacki contemplate the unthinkable…

I hate to add to your anxiety, Joyless, you divisive, racist POS. Regardless of the outcome of this election, the liberty and freedom loving patriots of this beautiful America will never lay down and surrender to you disgusting , baby slaughtering free loaders. Unfortunately, social media and the evil public school systems in our country have permanently poisoned the minds of our young and vulnerable souls. You can make all of the snarky and arrogant comments about the working people of America that you want, but we are all more enlightened and informed than you elitist bastards think. Keep on provoking the good people of this country and you will truly regret the reaction you witness.
Regardless of the final vote count on November 3rd, may God always bless America and may He allow the good to stave off the evil that walks within it’s borders!


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