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I know a lady from Texas who retired to Panama. She told her friends in Dallas why, and they wanted to see for themselves. They went to visit, and then some of them went home and packed their stuff and joined her. Those who didn’t join her told their friends, who called wanting a tour.

Wash, rinse, repeat, and now she runs!

So much for retirement….

When she first moved there she didn’t get a visa that allowed her to work, so she had to start all over again to get a different visa to get a work permit.

Running those tours, she seems happier than ever. Plus she has a bunch of NEW friends….!

COVID-19? What’s that?

Now that Panama has opened back up somewhat she arranges one-on-one tours since large crowds like the bus tours she used to run pre-COVID are still not allowed yet. For low three figures a day plus an even smaller extra per extra person per day, you can get a personal guide who will drive you around and take you anywhere you want to go, including to an attorney’s office or even the immigration office and bank, to start your new life if that’s what you want, or anywhere else in pretty much the whole country you want to see.

Sorry, didn’t mean to sound like a commercial for her services.

My point was, some people just can’t “retire”! They love to keep moving, keep busy, and keep interacting with others while doing what they love.


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