Joe Biden Declares Everything is Okay After Meeting With Retail Executives

Earlier today, Joe Biden met with a roundtable group of retail executives and CEO’s.  The topics of the discussion were supply chain issues and current impacts to businesses that are causing rapid inflation.

At the conclusion of the meeting there was supposed to be a press conference where Biden was going to outline what his administration is doing to combat the ever-increasing problem of inflation.   However, moments before the public remarks were scheduled to begin, the White House cancelled them.  Instead, the people managing Joe Biden sent out the following tweet:

According to the White House messaging, everything is wonderful – there is no cause for concern, the supply chain crisis has been handled, shortages are no longer present, shelves are full, the clouds have parted and Santa is enjoying his time preparing for Christmas by watching unicorns play with the reindeer.  Baghdad Bob would be proud.

If the narrative is true, if there is so much good news to share, then why cancel the remarks and press conference about inflation?

One likely scenario is the retail CEO’s told the White House about: (1) upcoming additional price increases due to energy policy; and (2) the latest news from China where the shipment of goods is going to go from bad (slow) to much worse (a virtual halt):

(CNBC) – […] Helen Zhu, managing director at Hong Kong-based investment firm Nan Fung Trinity echoed similar sentiments about China’s response.

“If omicron turns out to be a major threat, I think China will certainly continue to lengthen the period of staying isolated,” she said on CNBC’s “Street Signs Asia” on Monday. […]  China’s ultra-strict zero-Covid strategy involves mass lockdowns — even if just one or a handful of cases are detected. It also includes extensive testing, heavily controlled or closed borders, as well as robust contact tracing systems and quarantine mandates.

The Asian giant has also implemented strict checks at its ports, including monitoring ships and cargo, to prevent cases from slipping into the country. (read more)

Beijing is cunning.  They know Biden is weak politically and personally.  Everything they can do to increase the impact of inflation weakens the U.S. economy, and China can do an awful lot on the supply side to create even more U.S. inflation.

Biden’s globalist policies in general make the U.S. Main Street economy very vulnerable; however, Biden’s energy policies specifically make that vulnerability exponentially worse.


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