‘Jim Jordan speech exposed all the Dem bastards, including their media bootlickers’…

I would like to see a little identity theft!

Theft of Keese Love’s accounts he begged to be filled after kicking an already down man in the head.

Theft of Hunter Biden’s accounts of his becoming the bagman for the entire family.

Theft of Joe Biden’s accounts for….

Wait a minute!

No NEED for identity theft; the RICO Act does all of that LEGALLY. It seizes assets from all who benefit from a corrupt organization. ALL their assets, even the money and belongings they started with. LEGALLY.

The RICO Act. It’s not just for drug dealers anymore.

Use it on the Clinton Foundation, all of Biden’s crooked connections – including Burisma – and higher than that all the way up to and through Soros to whoever else exists. And while we are at it let’s not forget Comey, McCabe, Yates, Strzok, Page, and all the others.

There’s so much crooked money flowing till we might end up paying off the national debt, y’all.

They’re all not just connected. They’re IN ON IT.

Make them pay in cash and any other assets this corruption brings them until they have nothing left.


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