Jaw-Dropping Fraud: Beijing Biden Plans to Introduce “America First” Economic Plan in Michigan…

Despite the media providing manipulative cover (narrative engineering) for the sheer hypocrisy of this effort, Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden is going to attempt to kick-off an “America First” economic plan in Michigan tomorrow.

First, accept the reality… Biden is choosing Michigan. If the media-claimed national Biden polling lead was legit, he would not be headed to Michigan to attempt this insufferable political scheme.

Second, in order for Beijing Biden to even attempt to pull this stunt off he has to rebuke his own decades long economic record of offshoring jobs to China and creating a U.S. service driven economy.

It was the Obama-Biden administration who said those manufacturing jobs were never coming back to the U.S. It was President Trump who reversed the Biden/Obama trade positions and factually started bringing manufacturing jobs back into the U.S.

Candidate Joe Biden supported the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) the largest single scheme to maintain the U.S. as a service driven economy and push manufacturing into southeast Asia.  It was Joe Biden who supported the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partership (TTIP) a similar globalist construct toward Europe.

It is Joe Biden who opposes energy independence, opposes pipelines, opposes fracking and stable energy development for our economy; which is the backbone of manufacturing revitalization. It is Joe Biden who opposes earth mineral exploration and development. It is Joe Biden who promises to reattach our economy to the Paris Climate Treaty; which will forever restrict the growth of American industry.

Biden was part of the insufferable leftist ideology who, on one-hand, pushed the false premise that automation was destroying manufacturing jobs; and on the other hand said the problem was manufacturing jobs being shipped overseas for cheaper labor.  If automation reduced the labor cost then why would manufacturing go overseas? This is the irreconcilable fallacy within leftist talking-points to defend their globalist policy.

So how is candidate Joe Biden in 2020 going to reverse course on all these policies and suddenly begin pushing a nationalist economic program to protect America First? These conflicted positions are mutually exclusive, and will not reconcile.

American workers are not stupid.

BLOOMBERG – […] Biden opens the new front with a campaign trip to Michigan on Wednesday, a must-win state that Democrats just barely lost in 2016. There he’ll unveil a new policy aimed at tackling offshoring — the practice of U.S. companies basing some operations in lower-tax countries — and hammer at what he sees as President Donald Trump’s broken promises on improving U.S. manufacturing and reducing offshoring, senior policy adviser Jake Sullivan said. (more)


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