Jason Miller — ‘We found illegal ballot harvesting in Georgia’…

Jones Day may be representing POTUS and their attorneys, or other staff, may have leaked to the NYT. If so, then Jones Day needs to consider becoming a Defendant in a Class Action Civil Rights Law Suit by Trump Voters and Supporters. Further this could be a violation of Attorney Client Privilege.

The Right to a Fair election, one which follows both State and Federal Election Laws is a Civil Right. The Civil Rights of Trump Voters, and those of President Trump, have been violated by illegal voters, voters whose identity was not verified, failure to cross check signatures on ballots, multiple ballots being submitted by one person, Dead People voting, Electronic switching of votes from Trump to Democrats. This is NOT a “glitch.” Failure of personnel in counting stations to allow GOP Observers as required by State and Federal Law. Intimidation in Counting Centers by “interested parties” in Detroit and elsewhere. FEC and FCC violations due to biased “reporting.”

Failure of media to ask Basement Biden any substantial questions. Failure of media to report his criminal conduct including molestation, of women and children captured on camera. (what a disgusting sleaze) Presidential Debates hosted by incredibly biased moderators and Networks (Chris Wallace and Fox). Failure of the Presidential Debate Commission to be fully transparent and report their donors. How much money came from China to Act Blue and the Presidential Debate Commission? No further Presidential “Debates” should be ever again hosted by the Commission which is biased and not at all transparent.

Why did China “donate” $70 million dollars in Biden’s name to a university? Big Tech Censorship of a candidate and his supporters during and prior to an election is a Civil Rights Violation. Is Jones Day being threatened and if so by who or what? Trump voters and supporters including staff are being threatened with “retribution” including, but not limited to, job loss and harassment by various people including a sitting member of Congress (AOC) who apparently flunked history and does not have any recollection of Stalin, the Nazis, Communism, Socialist Countries, and the impact of utter intolerance for differing points of view. All of the above is a violation of our Civil Rights. Is it any wonder that Antisemitism has flourished under Democrats?

The Bernie crowd and AOC like to say that the models they like for Socialism are in miniature Denmark and Sweden.They flunked Geography 101. Completely ridiculous comparison. And, no, we do not want to live in a Socialist Country. Period. We want Fair Elections which follow State and Federal Law.

And finally, who or what donated to the Anti-Semitic Lincoln Project??


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