James Clyburn Instructs Joe Biden to Pressure Joe Manchin, Eliminate Senate Filibuster and Get Federal Control of Elections Done Quickly Before Voters Can Kick Them Out


There is a confluence of events that need to be taken in their totality in order to contextualize the mounting desperation amid Democrats.

♦ (1) Democrats lost district seats in the 2020 U.S. census.  Redistricting is going to hurt them in 2022.

♦ (2) Democrats massively exploited and cheated using mail-in ballots in the 2020 election, and they still lost House seats because the scale of MAGA turnout was overwhelming.  This reality is a very visible dark cloud heading their way.  They know it.

♦ (3) Ongoing or initiated forensic ballot audits in any of the key “ballot mule” regions will expose their 2020 corruption [Maricopa County (AZ), Fulton County (GA), Wayne County (MI), Philadelphia County (PA), Clark County (NV), Milwaukee (WI)] and the Democrats know it.

♦ (4) Election reform legislation is taking place in multiple states in response to the Democrat activists manipulating the mail-in ballot system.

♦ (5) The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that states have the valid and constitutional right to control their elections, and implement stringent election laws, specifically intended to stop election fraud.  Democrats know it will be more difficult to cheat in many states.  This is a major problem.

As a consequence of these events, the federal takeover of elections is critical to their ability to remain in power on both a state and federal level.  HR-1, the House bill that takes over elections forever, becomes even more important.  Without it they are sunk. To get HR-1 through the senate, they must eliminate the filibuster for legislation and pass it on a completely partisan basis.

That is the background for House Majority Whip, James Clyburn, the man who installed Joe Biden in the White House through the AME church network, instructing Joe Biden to destroy West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin if needed to get the Senate rules changed and the filibuster eliminated.

WASHINGTON DC – […] House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) told POLITICO Biden “should endorse” the idea of creating a carveout to the legislative filibuster in the Senate for legislation that applies to the Constitution. In effect, the reform would make it possible for Democrats to pass their sweeping elections reform bill and another bill reauthorizing key sections of the 1965 Voting Rights Act with just Democratic support.

Biden could “pick up the phone and tell [Sen.] Joe Manchin, ‘Hey, we should do a carve out.’” Clyburn said, referring to the centrist West Virginia Democrat who has resisted filibuster reform. “I don’t care whether he does it in a microphone or on the telephone — just do it.”

Clyburn’s comments are the latest attempt by senior Democrats to find a way around Republican opposition to their election reform legislation. Biden himself is set to embark on a more aggressive campaign to try and move public opinion behind those bills. He is headed to Philadelphia on Tuesday to deliver a speech on his administration’s “actions to protect the sacred, constitutional right to vote,” the White House said. His remarks will come days after the president met with the leaders of national civil rights organizations at the White House, who called on Biden to use his voice, influence and power in this moment. (read more)

Right before the 2020 SC Primary (Super Tuesday) the DNC Club (Tom Perez) and the Obama people knew they had a problem with the Bernie Sanders momentum.  An urgent assembly of all party control officers was called. The DNC and Obama designed a plan around using James Clyburn as the spark for Joe Biden to take back control of the primary outcome.

Bernie the socialist was a threat to remove DNC leadership power the same way Trump removed RNC party power in 2016. Worse still, Bernie Sanders had no allegiance to the intelligence operations that Obama and Biden triggered to target Trump.  Now we see why it was critical for Team Obama (BLM) and the AME church network team to unite quickly that Super-Tuesday weekend; which is exactly what they did.

Clyburn uses the old-fashioned racial playbook through the AME church network. The AME network includes Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Meanwhile Obama historically used the modern race-based network: the Nation of Islam, the New Black Panther Party and Black Lives Matter. The NoI, NBPP and BLM were also allied with DNC Chairman Tom Perez.

While James Clyburn quickly notified the AME network, former President Barack Obama activated his control over the DNC operations and signaled to all other primary candidates they needed to drop out in a designed sequence. The DNC Club made offers they could not refuse. Remember, club rules.

Barack Obama initiated the contact and inform them when and how they would quit the race and fall-in-line behind Joe Biden.

Clyburn was then triggered to initiate his endorsement and begin the rapid-fire process.

Within 48 hours all members of the club and candidates had their instructions and proceeded to follow-through on the plan.  They had no choice.  If they did not comply they would suffer the consequences of a fully aligned club hierarchy who would target them personally and financially.

The plan worked flawlessly.  James Clyburn delivered on his end (AME), and Obama delivered on his (DNC/BLM). The rest is history.

However, as part of the coordinated 2020 deal, Democrat Rep James Clyburn was also put in charge of the Biden campaign. Clyburn brazenly admitted this immediately after the strategy went public.  James Clyburn then worked with Barack Obama to select/appoint the vice-presidential nominee, Kamala Harris.  Biden had no say in the matter and he wasn’t even in the consultations.

The Biden’s are in this for family prestige, indulgences and affluence; not much more.  The Biden’s are nothing more than angry and entitled grifters who have lived on taxpayer funded indulgences for decades (Clinton 3.0).  It is the Obama and Clyburn people behind Biden who are running the show.

Joe Biden has dementia, he’s clueless. Everyone knows this to be true.  The Biden “presidency” is a front; a ruse, a manipulative scheme that needs a face to go with the asterisk beside the title… That’s Joe Biden.

“Don’t worry about the big words; just shut up, follow the rules, read the words in Philly, and we’ll get you a few little girls to play with on the way home.”…


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