Jack Nicklaus Endorses President Trump — Magnificent Statement!

This is a very Strong statement from the Golden Bear. I really took the time to study the words that he selected, and I would liken this to a Terrific game of Golf. When We take the strolling greens 🥬 on the front nine, the Sacred Geometry on the Scottish game of golf starts to take shape. On the back nine, the temperance of this experience allows a full 18 greens to be completed…

Within the blueprints of the major sports ⚾️ ⚽️ 🏈 🏀 🏒 🥍 , the concepts of being a good sport should be ingrained on the participants!!!

What the dnc has done to compensate for the loss of voter data after 2012, should be studied thoroughly as an example of what not to do if the ‘nominating process’ can not be neutrally maintained. The 2016 democrat party election cycle was mandated to be a ‘Carpet-bagging schysterlicious’ example of the complete loss of any meaningful advancement for Our Republic.

It instead became in my observational opinion (oo), a complete fubar of snafu proportions that have culminated in the literal ‘Laptop from Hell’. After all, if the Clinton Foundation could do it, why couldn’t Cornpop Uncle Joe?

Lord willing, this election will help to free Us any way it turns out. 🖖🤠


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