It’s now the Greens who have the ugly faction


Just in case any readers have been living under a rock for the past few days (as opposed to heavy lockdown), paragon of all the virtues, the Blessed Saint Julian of Toorak, known as mere Julian Burnside QC AO before his canonisation, has been in trouble — again — over allegations of anti-Semitism.

We’re not going to repeat the original story, particularly given that Gerard Henderson wrapped it up well in his Weekend Australian column today.

But it’s moved along since then. On Friday Treasurer Josh Frydeberg, the man Saint July tried to topple on behalf of the Greens in an ugly campaign at the last election, posted on his Facebook page;

Today I sent Julian Burnside a copy of Holocaust survivor, Eddie Jaku’s, remarkable book.

I hope he finds it educational, after his insensitive and indefensible tweet. We have a collective duty to ensure the atrocities of the Holocaust are not only understood, but never repeated.

Here’s how Mrs Saint Julian responded:

Durham once offered to house asylum seekers in her house.

Such a bizarre and hateful rant suggests she’s now in need of an asylum that will house her.


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