It was MK-Ultra ‘Bible aversion’ – not gay conversion therapy recently published an article regarding the banning of gay conversion therapy in the state of Queensland. In support of this legislation change they cite the following experience:

Mary, not her real name, now 49 years old, was sent to conversion therapy after she told her mother she was in love with another young woman at her church group.

Her parents and extended family were missionaries and ministers who shut her away in a mental hospital when she was just 17 years old, where she was made to sit in a bath full of ice cubes while Bible verses were read to her over and over again, and handcuffed to her bed at night.

“Then I remember going into another room … with a surgical table, and being restrained … having an electrode attached to my labia; and images projected on to the ceiling … and a lot of pain from the electrodes; and being left there for quite a long time afterwards, exposed and alone,” she told the researchers.

‘Mary’s’ torture experience was not an attempt to create an aversion to being gay; it was a standard MK-Ultra practise intended to create an aversion to Christianity and reading the Bible! Mary is my age and from the same MK-Ultra era.

I experienced the same thing in the Madsen Building at Sydney University after I became a Christian at age 15 years. The Madsen Building is a huge multi-story facility built in 1940. From the early 40s until 1979, Sydney University’s Madsen Building served as the CSIRO’s laboratory for the application of scientific research. The CSIRO were U.S. Military funded and they operated related labs beneath Lucas Heights nuclear  reactor and at Pine Gap. CSIRO scientists included Antony Kidman and his evil sidekick Telford Conlon (son of military intelligence pioneer and Soviet traitor spy Alf Conlon and husband of Luciferian Grande Dame Patricia Anne Conlon). Victor Chang made regular appearances at the Madsen Building which remained a Military Intelligence operation long after CSIRO officially handed the crime scene back to the university.

At Sydney University’s Madsen Building, Kidman paired the usual concoction of sexual assault, spinning, vomiting and electrocution beneath the fingertips (a Madsen favourite) with recordings of the Bible. I was then packed in ice and had cold liquids fed intravenously until my body temperature dropped and I lost consciousness. This was a means of containing the alter named ‘Christian’, and condition an inability to focus on reading the Bible, prayer, and the general concept of Biblical Christianity. The dissociated brain part was eventually released through therapy from a a visualised room made of ice bricks.

People need to open their eyes and see past the Marxist-Luciferian agenda before it’s too late. We are in the Chaos phase. Next comes The Order, which rises like a Phoenix out of the ashes. Hence Order out of Chaos.

I wrote a book. It’s free to download here: EYES WIDE OPEN. It costs $65 to print and bind at Officeworks.

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