Is Vegetable Oil Slowly Killing You?

Is Vegetable Oil Slowly Killing You?

By Roscoe147


I remember growing up in the 1980s, my parents would cook in animal fat, which people had been using forever than a day.

All of a sudden they came out saying saturated fats which comes from animals, peanuts, coconut oil

I was researching this a few years ago, and I had found out essentially fatty acids are good for us as long as they are raw as soon as these oils are heated they turn from good to bad and sunlight starts to break down these good fats to bad fats,

If we look at olive oil the good brands will be stored in tin to keep it out of sunlight and light which breaks down these fats, and if we look at France and other European countries which use olive oil, they all use it raw and poured over salads which then keeps the essential fatty acids in its raw form

When we look at saturated fats, when we heat these oils up they maintain their original form and your body is able to distribute these days accordingly,

Our brains need saturated fats too, these companies have been slowly killing us for decades, so they can profit from waste by creating bull shit studies to verify why we should be consuming this toxic waste

Look at how many people now are glucose intolerant, diabetic etc. which we never had issues with before.


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