Is This an Attempted Coup d’etat To Disenfranchise The People?

Printing ballots

by G5

If America can’t get through this, the West will go on a slow cruise to socio-economic enslavement. Some great Progressive advances, but the actual strangulation on low gear, will pass almost unnoticed.

Trump has actually won the Presidency and both Houses in accord with the correct numbers I have seen.

He should have hit the ground running in 2017, charging and jailing all he could hit. The current lunacies, and in particular what occurred in the past two years would not have occurred.

Instead of Mr Nice; Mafia boss would have brought it all in line. He could have accomplished all he did for minorities, had Deep State running, and solved employment.

The first priority was to secure The Presidency. That is the key. Accomplished by the first candidate to reach 270 Electoral College Votes, based on won states.

Election and Dictatorships

What occurred on the night of 3 November 2020, was to stall the declaration of eleven states won as Republican, including Florida and Texas. On the other side; as I further detailed yesterday, states were declared as won by Democrats, that were not, and further; as I detailed; counting had not even begun.

That fraud would have pushed Biden to the 270 votes, before Trump, and the following circuses that will be occurring, but from a different standing.

At the Bedminster Conference, it was agreed that the Electoral College will make its own assessments and act accordingly. Not waiting for the State Electoral Commission Deep Staters to first send any message. The stalled Republican States were counted and entered, and the frauded Dem States were not.

The Western World is at stake. The Dem owners’ model is the Brussels EU. Figureheads are meaningless; as is The EU Parliament. Deep State becomes the non-transparent, unaccountable, self-appointed dictatorship. 

If anyone tells you (not discusses, advises or surmises), that The Dems won The Executive or either House,  refer them to their nearest NRA chapter for clarification and walk away. They are probably beyond heavy medication and retraining for rational brain use.

Firfth Column Coup d’eta

The current Fifth Column desperation is posturing that Biden is mysteriously reaching the 270 mark. The states declared as GOP remain. Those postured as Dem, are falling apart by blatant manufactured frauds. As predicted.

At this time Trump is indeed holding back a massive civil war of The People against the self-appointed ruling classes. If the throttle is slipped, the carnage will be horrendous and very swift.

The propaganda that began last night through; MSM, Hack AltMedia, Big Tech, and Social Media, is something never experienced in America before. Trump won The White House and The Senate. The House which he also won and Governorships will be argued for at least the next six months in SCOTUS.

This is a further attempted Coup d’etat. Which is swingable Treason. The ongoing saga from 2015. Facts and Reality were gone long ago. Syllogistic Logic is the order of the day for The Dems, their owners, and handlers, and opportunistic paid functionaries.

The yardarm needs to be brought out. America is still under Martial Law, and The Insurrection Act is on standby. You tell them once. They don’t listen. You tell them twice. They don’t listen. Then you show them. There is no way that such a corrupt and ignorant person could lead anything or anyone. They are only fronts.

The young girl that Sleazy Joe was handling from behind, and smelling her hair, was Maggie Coons. The daughter of a Dem Senator from Delaware. The Huntergate laptop (blocked by MSM and partners) [allegedly] contains evidence that Hunter raped her and one of the Nesbitt-Blanchard girls, posing as the children of Soetoro and Robinson.

Hunter is also videoed assaulting and raping [deleted]. So who owns The Biden Clan.

More on the Election and Trump

This was not a normal election. This is an attempted Coup d’etat to disenfranchise The People of their democratic, constitutional right. Overwhelmingly The People did not vote for the devastation of their nation.

Trump — remaining the figurehead — has relinquished control to his handlers and is standing back. As I wrote above: his failure to act from 2017, has caused the current situation of America on the edge of destruction.

SCOTUS has just overturned State Supreme Courts that blocked GOP observers from sighting fraudulent ballot papers.

In Philadelphia, with the local sheriff having refused to take possession of the ballots, the DOJ immediately despatched an armed unit to act on The SCOTUS Ruling. Their orders were very clear.

The National Guard is standing by cities of contention. Some eight thousand citizen militia units of over five million well-armed and trained (including para-military police and specialist military) are standing by throughout the nation. Their orders are also very clear.

The Fourth Estate Media Apparatus is relentless in the propaganda and disinformation of the current Information War. The final throes of the evil.

There is a lot remaining in the arsenal to have Trump inaugurated on 20 January 2021. As the GOP maintains control of all the powers of Government and Administration, every avenue is being used to combat the Coup d’etat.

State Governors and State Legislatures are being pushed to act. Failing which, other forces will act, initially including the DOJ and DHS. The USMC is sworn to uphold The Constitution.

The House and Senate will vote as a precaution to appoint Trump, in accord to the Constitution at a time of national crisis. On the rules of one House vote per state, The GOP has that majority. Which is also held in The Senate.

There are currently hundreds of court filings, expeditiously winding their way up to SCOTUS.

Let there be no doubt that either Trump is returned and the Coup and its orchestrators meet the Military Tribunals and the Insurrection Act as invoked, or civil war will ensue.

This was not an election, but an attempted coup.

Lincoln was murdered by The Democratic Party Owners to prevent Emancipation. Kennedy was murdered by The Democratic Party Owners to maintain Deep State. The current Coup is The Democratic Party Owners attempting to wrench control of The West, in light of the EU self-destruction.

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Video — Trump on the night



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