Is Peterborough Public Health adequately reporting adverse events? They refuse to even answer

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Public Health units and agencies have become rulers of Canadian societal fabric under the guise of all things health and safety. But when asked for clarification, for evidence and/or additional information, they are eerily silent.

I wanted to substantiate the claims made by now-terminated nurses that I featured in a previous report. They claimed that patients who came in with suspected adverse reactions to the COVID injectable were being gaslit into mental health referrals and medicated for anxiety and depression instead of having their physical ailments acknowledged. Further to this was suspicion that stacks of adverse events reports had gone missing, leaving them wondering if they ever made it into the Canadian Adverse Events Following Immunization Surveillance System (CAEFISS).

The CAEFISS system collects reports from regional public health authorities which, in this instance, would be Peterborough Public Health. I reached out for comment with straightforward questions such as, “are nurses and physicians trained on how to identify adverse events, are there incentives provided to staff to complete lengthy adverse events reports?” and “what disciplinary action is in place if a health professional is found to not be adequately reporting adverse events?”

As is the nature of unelected, unaccountable bureaucracy — no one at Peterborough Public Health responded. In fact, Communications Manager Brittany Candence was on vacation! In the middle of a raging global pandemic with the most virulent strain ever (as per their own words)!

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