Is Michael Aquino Dead?

I hope so. I hope the evil pig is burning in hell along with Antony Kidman, Louis Jolyon West, and all the other MI / MK scum who raped, tortured and murdered kids in the name of scientific research and National Security.

The cryptic rumour is Aquino died sometime last year. Luciferians lie, so we can’t rely on anything they say on social media. Aquino was the father of Military Psychological Operations, so anything he said could be part of a PsyOp, and we cannot rely on anything he or his representatives say.

In any case, if Aquino is dead, then there will be another to replace him…and another…and another… Some Bohemian Grove high priest was destined to inhale Aquino’s dying breath and continue his legacy. Aquino trained a whole generation of MI PsyOp specialists to continue his work long after his death.

So, it doesn’t matter if Aquino is dead. This rumour is just another distraction to take peoples’ focus off preparing for imminent war, famine, power outage, floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, locust plagues, pestilence, Marshall law, foreign Communist invasion, and the hungry gangs who come to rape and pillage, plunder and burn. Escape to the mountains while you can. Secure food, water, warmth and heat before it’s too late.

Child abuse victims, start embracing the one positive about being abused – it toughened us up in preparation for surviving the coming horrors. This is the kind of crap we were conditioned to endure.

Fuck Aquino. He’s irrelevant now – to us, and to The Order who are making their final stand in a battle they can’t and won’t win.

Ignore rumours trending on agent-fed social media and read the free book HERE.

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