Is Dinesh D’Souza “All Hat and No Cattle”?

(L) Catherine Engelbrecht, (C) the ride of a car to various drop-boxes in Atlanta, Georgia (R) Gregg Philips(L) Catherine Engelbrecht, (C) the ride of a car to various drop-boxes in Atlanta, Georgia (R) Gregg Philips. All photos from the movie “2000 Mules”      

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

Since attending the Boston theatre screening of “2000 Mules” on May 4, 2022, I have felt elated for the first time in a long while. The “emcee” of the program, Dinsesh D’Souza, was born in Mumbai (when it was still Bombay!) and came to the US and graduated from Dartmouth in New Hampshire. He now resides in San Diego, California.

He is more than an emcee; he is a political journalist and activist. I don’t know how much of the sleuthing about the stolen election was done by him.  You will recall that Ms Sidney Powell did  a lot of sleuthing about the “software” interventions in the 2020 election.  In the movie, “2000 Mules,” D’Souza coordinates the work of a group called “True The Vote,” via its founder Catherine Engelbrecht and a high-techie man named Gregg Philips.

They care nothing about software crime in the 2020 election. They are looking for more homely examples of dodgy ballots. Thanks to Covid, people learned that in 2020 it would be very easy to vote absentee, in some states. Voting before election day was encouraged.

The New Absentee-ism

This meant a huge number of blank ballots were mailed to residences. In some states I think everyone was sent a ballot. Security was low. For example, some ballots were lying around in the lobbies of apartment buildings.

I assume that security was intentionally low, in order to enable the skullduggery of “ballot harvesting.” On top of the mailouts, some governors issued new policy to allow various charities — aka “non-profits” — to be the recipients of signed ballots. That is, you could march your ballot into “Saint Theobald’s Men’s Shelter” or “Downtown Marital Counseling” offices. (I have made up those names.)

Subsequently, if I correctly understand the D’Souza movie, the non-profits generally delivered the received ballots to big boxes prominently established on sidewalks — in which the public could also leave their own ballot. All of that could be perfectly kosher, of course.

By the way, New Hampshire followed the old way, whereby doing your voting by absentee meant you had to request a ballot. I marched into the Concord election office and asked for an absentee ballot a few days before the February 11, 2020 Republican Primary.

(That’s cuz I wanted to take it home and photocopy it, as I myself was a candidate and wanted to see my dear name on the ballot.  I was listed as Mary Maxwell, Concord NH and What’s His Name was listed as Donald Trump, Palm Beach, Florida.) There were several dark horses, not just me, and boy were we darkies dark!).

Swing States

When a very Democrat state such as Massachusetts or California votes at the polls, the Democrat running for president, in this case Biden, is going to get all of that states Electoral College votes.  Similarly, a heavily Republican state such as Alabama would likely vote for Trump on November 3 2020 and then all of Alabama’s Electors, at their li’l ol’ Electoral College meeting on December 14, 2021, would sign ballots for Trump. Yes, it’s winner-takes all, except — from memory — in Maine and Nebraska.

Newscasters always show the map on TV nowadays as blue states and red states. I hate that whole game. In my youth all Americans were the same, and probably this is part of the Divide and Rule technique being used on us in many ways.

A state that is shown as purple means “not sure red or blue,” that is, a swing state or “key state.”  In 2020 it was determined that Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Wisconsin, and maybe Nevada were key states. The two candidates do most of their campaigning there. (What? only two?  No Mary and the darkies? Only the two that the summer conventions of the DNC and RNC had decided on. Darkies out! By the way, one of my fellow New Hampshirites who ran is an 84-year-old schoolteacher. Yay!)

These key states seem to be the very ones where governors ruled that the old precautions about absentee ballots need not be observed.  They “threw condoms to the winds” as I once heard it said. Ah, you should be perking up your skepticism now.  Did key states have more Covid and so needed more mailouts?  I doubt it. More likely they were preparing the groundwork for the mule-ization of the locales where it was urgent for Biden to win. Oops, I mean “win.”

Election Integrity Activists

For the last few years, not only in presidential races but also for down-ballot jobs such as US Senator, State Governor, or county dog-catcher, some good citizens have tried to protect the integrity of the vote. This includes hands-on work such as finding rides for the elderly (non partisanly) — making sure no one is turned away from the polls, and generally snooping, or as we say in Australia, scrutineering.

Don’t scoff at the idea of rides being non-partisan.  Sure, many rides are offered to people BY their own parties. But the driver does not walk into the tiny polling booth with you. Your choice of Trump or Biden is your little secret. Even if you are bribed $50 to vote for one or the other, who’s to know if you did so?

Today the election integrity thing has gone high-tech. (Name me one thing in this world that has not gone high tech.) The aforementioned Gregg Philips worked out a scheme for surveillance of possible mules. His TrueTheVote people apparently paid two million clams for geo-positioning information. This allowed them to map the travel of cars and thus know — or make a good guess — as to how a mule worked. Mote than 2000 of them!

I will link below the full 90-minute show by Dinesh, and also a 6-minute clip from it, which someone posted at YouTube. In my opinion, for what that’s worth, Gregg and Dinsesh seem honest. They have so much at stake here, I would be surprised if they left themselves open to having it thrown out. Their claim is that they can figure out that a mule is making trips back and forth from “the non-profits” to the sidewalk ballot boxes by following his cellphone location.

As to how many ballots were inserted into the boxes per visit from a mule, you can see it with your own eyes. By law, every ballot box had a surveillance camera near it.  Ms Catherine Engelbrecht was able to pressure many officials (but not all, such as Fulton County Georgia — let me tell you about Fulton County someday) to yield up the videos from those cameras. Hence, we were able to see that the mules wore surgical gloves. Talk about Guilty Knowledge!

Results. May I have the Envelope Please…

Bottom line, Dinsesh said he did not have enough mule evidence to argue that the Arizona electoral vote should move from Biden’s column to Trump’s. He reckons those states did have Trump victories, but he is being conservative in his estimates. I recall another state he said was dubious (Possibly Michigan?)  Yet using just 3 key states he can vouch for a new final tally: Trump gets 279 electoral votes and Biden gets only 259. Trump wins.

I note that the 6-minute clip to be shown below is WRONG — it cuts out that cautious tally, 279/259 and pushes Trump over 300. Granted, Dinesh said that WHEN HE USES the more generous estimates, Trump may be over 300 but he relies only on the safer mule-tracking and gives Trump 279.  Anyway, 270 is all a person needs to become president.

By the way, the movie also included a couple of interviews with whistleblowers.  That’s where we learn that a mule gets paid ten bucks per ballot.

Hat versus Cattle

If you google for “Dinesh D’Souza” you will get mostly negative things in the first two pages. I found one that discusses a felony conviction he received for making illegal contributions to a (non-presidential) candidate. The legal limit that year was a $5,000 donation.

Dinesh did it by asking friends to contribute to So-and-So in their own names, $5,000 each, and then reimbursed those friends afterwards. He agreed in court that he knew he was breaking the law. He got a five-year sentence but was required only to perform 14-months’ community service, and, for 8 months, spend the night in detention. Later Trump pardoned him.

Dinsesh complained that he had been “selected” for punishment because of his political beliefs.  (I don’t know how many folks get prosecuted for illegal donations.) According to the article I read — I haven’t seen the court ruling — the judge commented on D’Souza’s complaint about being selected by saying that this complaint was “all hat and no cattle.”

Was it really?  You be the judge.

• • •

Here is the link to the 6-minute clip (before it disappears), and below that is the full Monty as carried by Bitchute.  IT IS ALSO AVAILABLE AT

Please, America, don’t drop the ball. This is huge.

Note: My article on “What to do about this?”, is here.


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