Is CERN the Only One?

Is CERN the Only One?

By Truthstream Media

184,159 views Aug 19, 2015 Sorry for the speculation, but after hearing this, it is a question we felt compelled to ask.

CERN we know about… at least, we know what we’re told, anyway. But statements by a “CERN insider” who claims to have first hand knowledge are raising some big questions, starting with this: Are there other large particle accelerators that we, the general public under a scientific dictatorship, don’t know about?

A lot comes to mind. Phrases like “breakaway civilization” for starters. It’d obviously be something very hard to prove, so this is obviously speculation… Still. We thought this information should be discussed and considered.

The statements were made in the video we are discussing which can be found at the link below. We are not claiming to agree with everything in this video, however, he makes some very important claims that should probably be discussed.

Here’s what others had to say:

What do you wanna bet that all these places in the US that have heard BOOMS in their neighborhoods that were never explained, has to do with underground tunnels etc. just thinking out loud.

Michael Smith
I visited the LHC in the late ’80s as a high school student interested in physics (with a serendipitous connection into CERN), and Atlas was almost functional. I couldn’t name names, but the researchers that I spoke with (probably research assistants to the lead scientists) told me that whatever I read in the literature is at least 10 years old. I mentioned the Tao of Physics, and the only response that I got was “You have no idea.”

Truthstream Media
Thank you guys for the thoughtful discussion. It’s not a claim you hear and then simply forget.

Trent Rho
How many trillion dollars did the Pentagon admit it couldn’t account for just before the “airplane” smashed conveniently into the section where the pertinent records were kept?

Dare i say as i rewatch this in 2018 that this video explains alot more now than it did when i first watched it…

You know, this channel is way better than Infowars, seriously~ I’m never ever bored watching your videos. I always learn something new every single time.

I remember reading about the Texas particle collider. They told us in school that it was to be for discovery of alternative fuel. It was sold to children as a way to move away from fossil fuels.

Daniel Riser
The fact that the pentagon can not account for 8.5 trillion dollars lends a lot of credence to your theory

Bill Huston Podcast
Absolutely Superb production, research, and narrative, as always. Thanks Aaron and Melissa!

Nora Daly
You do brilliant work! I’m so grateful for the two of you. Thank you so much for your service to others. Much love!

Jorge de la Torre
I alway enjoy your videos, and I like the overall narrative your channel has. On this particular issue; I actually have first hand knowledge as I worked as a engineer for one of the contractors. Data Dynamics, was awarded the contract to build the Collider’s electromagnetic raceways units, this was a facility in Hammond, LA. And although was very low level, and have no idea about the overall project, I can assure you that once the first prototype units were built, the project really was shutdown. — It was a sweet job, and I was very upset when this project came to an end. I have no idea about the tunnels, I never saw them, or even visited Waxahachie, TX. All I can say, that at least the rather expensive factory that had been built to build these accelerator units was left to rot. What a waste. I had not thought about this in years. — PS After writing this, I decided to google map the location I remember, it turned out to be [835 Pride Dr, Hammond, LA 70401] — It seems the building has been repurposed, and is now some sort of county services [Florida Parishes Human Services Authority]. I no longer live in LA, so I have not driven out this way in decades. — Great Channel and content.

I just can’t BELIEVE you’re talking about this subject!!!! I have seriously been working SO hard on a video about this subject….but SUDDENLY my computer…which has NEVER had a virus…gets slammed and knocks out everything I’d worked so hard on! Oh well! Glad you could do what I couldn’t! There’s so much more too! I guess you could pm me if you want the low-down!


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