Investigators Dispatched…Weird Vote Counting Situation Discovered

Georgia Vote Election recount fraud Trump Biden

New reports of voter fraud are coming in from Georgia. The state is one of many where the Trump campaign has filed lawsuits contesting the vote. The Governor has called for a complete recount by hand. Will this change anything?

Dominion switching votes to Biden

Several days after the election, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced that he sent investigators to the State Farm Arena in Fulton County. “Fulton County has discovered an issue involving reporting from their work on Friday.

Officials are at State Farm Arena to rescan their work from Friday. The Secretary of State has a monitor onsite, has sent additional investigators, and dispatched the Deputy Secretary of State as well to oversee the process to make sure to thoroughly secure the vote and protect all legal votes. Observers from both political parties are there as well.”

So far, we know there are some irregularities with the votes. But we don’t know if the outcome will ultimately result in a win for President Trump. At this time, Georgia is the only state that hasn’t been called.

Biden is ahead by 14,000 votes. The mainstream media has Biden picked as the winner of the election with 290 electoral votes. President Trump has a tough hill to climb if he’s going to emerge victorious. First, his legal team must prove that voter fraud took place and then get an accurate recount of the vote in several states.

Georgia audits the vote

Georgia started recounting all of its 5 million votes by hand on Friday after the Trump campaign filed a lawsuit to audit the election results. The voting machines are made by the Dominion company, which has been accused of fraud in the past.

In Antrim County Michigan the machines flipped 6,000 votes from Trump to Biden, ultimately winning Biden the county. Once the votes were recounted, it showed that Trump won Antrim County just like he did in the 2016 election.

President Trump and many of his supporters are now convinced this “glitch” took place in other battleground states as well. If Biden ends up winning Georgia that means he flipped five states from red to blue this year. Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin all turned blue this election and Biden also won an electoral vote in Nebraska.

Is it possible that Joe Biden had the greatest voter turnout of any candidate in the history of U.S. elections? Many are skeptical. He ran one of the laziest campaigns in recent history with very low turnout to his events. Something isn’t adding up here.


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