Interesting comments from Rand Paul…

The jerusalem post has a nice and we’ll researched article about the vaccine. It does not “reprogram your DNA”

It reprograms your cells to add the spikes from the corona virus to its list of targets for destruction.

So instead of the virus replicating in your cells it is treated like a pathogen and destroyed when encountered.

This is called a vaccine because it’s exactly the same auto immunity response as traditional vaccines. They put a stimulant of the pathogen in your body, it reacts and reprograms the cells to look for that. Soon you become immune, meaning your cells kill the virus before it replicates.

Which is how we cured Polio, and mumps and the Flu. Just because it uses MitochondrialRNA instead of the DNA of a dead or weakend virus, doesn’t mean it is more dangerous. Your body processes such things daily.

It’s not smart to be completely full of fear and witchcraft
Toward modern medicine. It’s fairly simple to study if you have a basic education. They publish everything.

If they wanted to control you or kill you they could have done it before now. Plenty of ways.


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