Incredible scenes as Aussies unite outside Parliament House in Canberra

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Enormous crowds assembled in Canberra today to protest against vaccine mandates and government overreach.

Concerned everyday Australians have been streaming into the nation’s capital all week, frustrated that the government has failed to hear their desperate cries for relief from the restrictions placed on them, with many losing their jobs and income to the government’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Former veteran Qantas pilot Graham Hood fronted the huge crowd of protesters, providing a voice for the thousands of workers, from nurses and frontline workers to police officers, who have been forced to walk off the job or to get vaccinated against their will.

The Convoy to Canberra protesters vow to stay in the city until their concerns are addressed by the government.

Prominent indigenous Australians joined in the protest, declaring that the ‘land will come back to the people’ and raised the importance of uniting behind the common goals of justice and freedom.

Protesters made their way from Old Parliament House to the new Parliament House after marching through the city’s streets.

Despite the historic size of crowds, the mainstream media have mostly ignored the protests.

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