Incredible Footage Captured, Check Out This Remarkable Ultraviolet Momma


There was some incredible footage of this ultraviolet momma, and it will definitely make you appreciate just how intricate life truly is!

Ecological artist the Butterfly Babe, also known as Sarah Folts, loves to craft her passion for ecology and her love of the insect world by sharing the most incredible footage of these four-legged little creatures that she can find. That is why she was thrilled to share some unique footage depicting a mother scorpion who had her babies on her back.

If that weren’t stunning enough, the scorpion pair were glowing in bright purple and blue under the ultraviolet light.

This fluorescent feature appears to be due to the specific proteins that are present in scorpion exoskeletons. However, the reason for this evolutionary usage is not entirely known.

For whatever reason, the proteins in these scorpions appear to react to the ultraviolet light, and scientists have been studying this phenomenon for years in order to try to determine just why this is so. So far, they continue to arrive at dead ends.

Indeed, the best theory that entomologists can come up with would be that the reaction of these proteins would be to help the scorpions be able to find each other in the darkness.

There is no question that it would possibly do just that, simply because it gives off a lovely green glow. However, there are plenty of other entomologists who believe that this greenish hue might be nothing more than just a fluke of evolution.

The Butterfly Babe has really made a name for herself, not only for her contribution to the world of entomology and for incredible footage such as this, but also for her ability to mold the world of insects and art together. It is individuals like her that truly make us appreciate the mysteries and wonder of the world around us.


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