In Extremely Close House Race, New York Court Demands Election Boards Stop Screwing Up Vote Counts

A New York justice took action after the U.S. House race in New York’s 22nd District has come down to just a handful of votes. According to Monday’s most recent numbers, Republican Claudia Tenney appeared to have the lead over Democrat incumbent Anthony J. Brindisi in the U.S. House race in New York’s 22nd District by just 12 votes.

Due to the closeness of the race and shifting vote totals during vote checks, New York Justice Scott DelConte has ordered that all eight counties in the district must preserve all “worksheets, tally sheets, spreadsheets or any other election tallying records, whether formal or informal.”

In addition, DelConte also ordered that all county boards of elections must submit “final” reports of their original counts of “all” ballots for the House race by 4 p.m. on Monday.

According to Josh Rosenblatt, a reporter for WBNG12, DelConte appeared fed up with the situation and claimed that counting disputes in at least two counties including Herkimer and Madison, as well as concerns from both candidates about the voting updates, deadline, and recount viability, pushed him over the edge to issue the orders.

DelConte’s orders follow the Herkimer County Board of Elections’ updated vote totals after transcribing errors, granting Tenney 35 more votes and Brindisi 10 more. There were also changes in vote totals in Madison County.

“These communications raise additional, very serious concerns to the Court about the pending judicial review of the challenged ballots in this Congressional race,” DelConte said.

These orders also follow Tenney’s motion for the county boards of elections to certify the election results in Oswego County Supreme Court on Monday.

“Our campaign is committed to seeing that all — and only — legal votes count,” Tenney spokesman Sean Kennedy said. “The voters’ will must be respected and the integrity of the election process maintained. We are confident Claudia will emerge the winner when all is said and done.”

DelConte previously issued an injunction stopping the certification of any votes by the county board of elections without the court’s permission.

Brindisi campaign spokesman Luke Jackson also issued a statement anticipating a victory for the incumbent.

“The integrity of the election and maintaining a count that ensures the voters of this district are heard is of the utmost importance,” Jackson said. “As this process continues to play out, we are hopeful that once the counting process is completed, Anthony will be declared the winner.”

DelConte also ordered that oral arguments be heard early next week on Dec. 7 in Oswego County Supreme Court.


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