I Wrote About “The Giant Vaccinator” in 2012

by Dee McLachlan

I had a wonderful chance meeting over the weekend. I received an email from a couple that lives in outer Melbourne and they were wanting to buy some of my children’s books for their daughter.

I had written five children’s books in 2012 — under the banner ‘Awaken Your Kids‘ — thinking that we need to educate the young before they are indoctrinated by the mainstream media. Written under a pseudonym the five books were “The People Who Refused to be Sheeple“; Great Monster Corn (on GMO); The Factory That Made Guns (on the Military-Industrial Complex); The Big Fat Bank (The Federal Reserve) and The 3 Tall Buildings (on 9-11).

Anyway, back to the couple. They drove in from the outer suburbs to St Kilda (Melbourne) which is in the heart of (mandatory) mask-city. When I met them downstairs in the street, the family exited their car without masks, and the couple, with their beautiful and very bright daughter, greeted me — hands outstretched. We shook hands and we could see each other smile.

A moment of sanity. Memories of normality flooded into my subconscious. I felt, for a brief moment, that I had escaped the lunatic asylum that is Melbourne. I could also see in the brief time we were together, that they were giving their vibrant daughter a huge advantage in understanding the real world.

We chatted for some time about the world, as normal people should, then with several copies of the books, we went our separate ways.

The Sheeple Book

It’s been close to seven or eight years since I flicked through these books, and I paged through — possibly my favourite, as it has lyrics — ‘The People Who Refuse To Be Sheeple’, illustrated by Niharika Singh.

Many pages resonated with what is happening today. There are some lyrics on the control of the mainstream media, and one is especially pertinent to the LOCK-STEP actions across the world.

Each flock of Sheeple

Will have its own leader

And follow the rules

From our main control-feeder.

Yep, and mandatory masks are further making brains more feeble.

But, possibly my favourite verse is the prediction of the mandatory global vaccinations. Back then I had a sense this would be coming, but not this soon. This is what I wrote in 2012:

Problems they’ll solve

With a giant vaccinator

And control all your lives

With a global dictator.

“We’ll create a new dollar”

Boast the banking elite.

But beware of their plot

It’s all lies and deceit.

Anyone interested in purchasing the four books within Australia for the upcoming ‘season’, email me ($20 plus postage for 4 books). Mclachlandee@gmail.com

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